Dr. TP Ganesan Auditorium, SRMIST
National Workshop
12th-13th December 2023
Main Conference
14th-16th December 2023
3rd Slab
Till 5th December 2023
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The Emerging Leaders Conclave- "SHOULDERS OF THE GIANTS"

An Interactive pharmacology leader conclave for transformation.


Pharmacology is becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary, is an ever-emerging field of science, with new vistas opening every 5 years (if not earlier) in research, application & academics. The expertise in the field is also diverse and spread across institutions. In such a scenario, incessant, continuous & comprehensive communication amongst generation of Pharmacologist is required to harness the immense potential that discipline of Pharmacology has to offer.

Structure of conclave

  1. Trigger talks by 10 Established Leaders (5 )
  2. Aspirational talks by 15 Next Generation Leaders (3 )
  3. Panel discussion by both
  4. All the speakers will get a separate certificate of the conclave
  5. Four “Leadership Awards” will be given (Two in each category)

Eminent Pharmacologists;

  • Eminent Pharmacologist (to be selected by the scientific committee)
  • A brief profile of eminent Pharmacologist will be shared with the participants
  • There after they will be requested to share their thoughts on following points (for 5 min)
    • What makes them go on Watershed moments in their profession journey
    • Where they wanted to go and where you have
    • Future of Pharmacology lies in…………………
    • Two-line advice to the GenX

Emerging Pharmacologist/ Students:

  • Young and emerging pharmacologists ( Junior Faculties, DM/MD/PhD students)
  • Age should be below 40 years.
  • Participants to submit their tentative discussion point in a 200 words document which should contain at least any 02 of the following 04 points
    • Their specific query if any
    • Any research ideas which they want to work on
    • Any specific guidance required from experts
    • Aims, aspirations and apprehensions in brief

Based on their submission, 15 emerging pharmacologists will be selected by organizers to attend the conclave.

Conduct - The event will be conducted in the form of trigger talks, aspirational talks followed by an open hall panel discussion

Moderator -A moderately senior Pharmacologist who identifies with both the groups.

Rapporteur: - 02 MD students


  • Partial/ limited funding to any one research idea will be given
  • A summary report capturing the essentials of discussion
  • All research ideas to be published in supplementary issues of IJP

Only the REGISTRED DELEGATES are eligible for this event. The registration form for the event can be downloaded as

For eminent leaders:

For emerging leaders:

Hurry up…Book your slots today to join the conclave…….



Best Regards.

Dr. Satyajit Mohapatra
Organizing Secretary
IPSCON 2023, Chennai

Director, Centre for Clinical Trials and Research (CCTR) Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology

Dr. Ritesh Kumar
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Vijaypur, Jammu.
: +91 9968857004

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Dr. Satyajit Mohapatra
Organizing Secretary
IPSCON 2023, Chennai
Director, Centre for Clinical Trials and Research (CCTR)
Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology

SRM MCH&RC, SRM Institute of Science & Technology
Kattankulathur, Chennai-603203 Tamil Nadu, India.


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