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Same day Chennai -Full Day City Tour.

Chennai is known as the 'Gateway to South India'. It is located on the South East coast of India, in the northeastern corner of Tamil Nadu. The flat plains on which it is located are known as the Eastern Coastal Plains. The city is splashed by two rivers. One is the Cooum or Koovam River, which flows through the center. The second is the Adyar River which flows towards south. Apart from this, there is the Buckingham Canal; running parallel to the coast and linking the two rivers. The Otteri Nullah, an east-west stream, flows through north Chennai and meets the Buckingham Canal at Basin Bridge. There are many lakes located on the western fringes of the city. Red Hills, Sholavaram and Chembarambakkam Lakes supply Chennai with drinkable water.

Afternoon, you will be met your guide at the hotel, start city tour of Chennai. Start with a visit to Fort St. George (Closed on Fridays), built in 1640 A.D by the British East India Company, under the direct supervision of Francis Day and Andrew Cogon. The fort houses St. Mary's Church (Closed on Sundays). The flag–staff at Fort St. George is the tallest in India. The Government Museum of Chennai (Closed on Fridays) is one of the most popular sightseeing pots in the city. It is deemed to be one of the oldest museums of India, as its inception dates back to the Colonial rule. There is a historical tale behind the origin of this Museum.

Also visit Kapaleshawara Temple (Closed on College Holidays) – a fine example of Dravidian style architecture dedicated to Lord Shiva. The notable feature of this structure is the 37-meter tall gopuram i.e. the pyramidical shaped temple top trying to touch the ultimate cool blue-sky surface which is spread all over the universe. The Parthasarathy temple in Chennai has its origin back in 8th century. It was generally built by the Pallavas and later reformed by the Vijayanagar Kings during 11th century.

Same Day City Tour Mahabalipuram

Chennai - Mahabalipuram Same day and back .

After breakfast, drive to Mahabalipuram occupies a stunning position on a rocky outcrop between the beach and a lagoon. Built by the Pallava rulers in the seventh century the complex comprises of 14 Cave Temples, nine monolithic "Rathas", three stone temples and two relief sculptured rock panels. These two rock-panels give a graphic description of Arjuna's penance when he prayed for the powers of Shiva and form the largest Bass Relief in the world. Particularly of interest is the Shore Temple built on the water's edge with an east-facing altar designed to catch the rising Sun, this has now been declared a World Heritage site

Visit Shore Temple -Perched on a rocky outcrop, it presides over the shoreline, serving, as Percy Brown puts its, 'a landmark by day and a beacon by night'. Designed to catch the first rays of the rising sun and to illuminate the waters after dark, the temple ended up with an unusual lay-out. As the main shrine faces the sea on the east, the gateway, the fore count and the assembly hall of the Shore Temple all lie behind the sanctum. Unusual, too, is the fact that the temple has shrine to both Shiva and Vishnu. The main sanctum and one of the two lesser ones on the west are dedicated to Shiva. The enclosing wall has a series of Nandi bulls on it, interconnected cisterns around the temple meant that the sea could be let in to transform the temple into a water shrine. But, in recent times, a stone wall as been added to protect the shrine from the rising seas and further erosion.

Next, we visit Rathas , monolithic temples fashioned as chariots. They remain an architectural mystery, for each is apparently a faithful reproduction of a structure built of wood. In fact, even the grain of the timber beams & rafters has been simulated in stone. Of the eight Rathas, five have been named for the Pandava brothers, the heroes of the epic Mahabarata.

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